Analysis Invitation Letter

This is my post about analyze invitation letter

1. Purpose
    Invite Priyanka to attend a birthday party

2. Salutation /Greeting
    Dear Priyanka

3. Content
    a. This is Rahul's 21st birthday party
    b. This birthday party will be held at 06.30 p.m. on November 20th at Rahul's residence

4. Invitee

5. Inviter
    R. Vaidyanathan

Asian Games

Hi ! Welcome back to my blog. This is my english assignment about Asian Games.

Asian Games 2018 is Beneficial for Our Country (Indonesia) 
     The 2018 Asian Games officially known as the 18th Asian Games and also known as Jakarta - Palembang 2018. It was an Asian multisport event held from 18th august until 2nd September 2018 in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta.

     Asian Games had some amazing things, such as opening ceremony and closing ceremony. The fascination of them bring good vibes and euphoria to all of Indonesian. Of course this could bring more spirit to Indonesian Athletes to achieve goals. Even these two ceremony mak…

Giving My Opinion

Hello guys ! Welcome back to my blog ! This blog is about giving my opinion about an issue. Because of last meeting I absent for english class, so i have to make this assignment.

My opinion of topic 1 " This house should ban cigarettes from the society " 
In my opinion, cigarettes should be banned for our society. Cigarettes contain so many harmful things and can affect our health. In the other side, there will be contra side. People will disagree about it because cigarettes can bring us money if we take a look from economic side. And if we stop using and producing cigarettes in society, many people will depressed because their routines for consuming cigarette…

Invitation Letter

August, 28th 2018
Senior High School Asri  Mr. Ihsan Effendi Chief of Senior High School Asri Bandung City Subject : An Invitation for Environmental Ambassador Workshop
Dear Mr. Ihsan,
We are pleased to invite your school to send about 20 representatives for attending an workshop about Environment. This workshop intend to develop our environmental quality by teenagers and high school students. We believe that from the small action at school, it can influence people to keep clean and healthy environment. 
The workshop will be held on :
Date : Sunday, 9 September 2018
Time : 10.00 - 16.00 WIB
Place : Sabuga ITB ( Sasana Budaya Ganesha Institute Technology Bandung) at Taman Sari Street Number 73

Please confirm us about your representatives by send an email to baktinusantara.shs.official For more details, please contact 082221…

Offering and Suggestion Expressions Observation

Offering and Suggestion Expressions Observation
Agung Putri Mayasari Bhaskara

NONAME OFFERING  SUGGESTION1Adam Bagus W. and Marti WirajatiVV2Azhar Ilhami & Mikhail HaidarVV3Dina D. K., Yasmin H. M., and Raden S. A. SonyaVV4Aira Thalca A. P. & M. Fikri N.VV5Michael Adigreace & M. Rafid A. K.VV6Anais Ayu & Naura ThufailaVV7M. Zidan F. R. & Fathir AhsanVV8Rizaldhy Quntasyah & Decinta NajlaputriVV9Wan Fairuz A.H. & Zidane M.A.VV10Dhafin Kanaf K. & AuzanVV

M. Zidan F. R. & Fathir Ahsan 1. Offering :       a. Hmm.. I think I know which teacher that you have to approach and consulte, do you want me to accompany you? 2. Suggestion :      a. Then, I know that you want to study at school and business management of Institut Teknologi Bandung, so I think economy will help you more to reach your dream."
Dialogue about Expression Offers and Suggestions BY : Agung Putri Mayasari B. and Karin Hanasyanila S. Class : XI MIPA 2 School : Senior High School 3 Bandung

Karin: “Hello Maya! How are you today? ” Maya : “Hello Karin! I’m fine thank you, and you?” Karin: “I’m fine, but the truth is I’m still confused about something.” Maya : “Really? What is it about?” Karin: “I’m still thinking about what major should I choose for college. “ Maya : “So, what are your choices? “ Karin: “Hmm… Between School of Architecture or Faculty of Art and Design “ Maya : “Oh. Why don’t you take a psychotest to measure your basic potential? “ Karin: “Good idea! I appreciate your suggestion. So what major will you choose for your college, Maya? ” Maya : “Same with you. I still don’t know what major will I take for college, Karin. “ Karin: “How about Medical Study in University of Indonesia?” Maya : “Sorry, I think I don’t have a good score in Biology. “ Karin: “It is okay, Maya! How about I help you with studyi…